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“Tourism, Heritage and Creativity”

Contest Call


The partner organizations of “Tourism, Heritage and Creativity” (THC) invite local actors in the sectors of tourism, gastronomy, folk dance or singing, organizers of festivals, craftsmen and other Intangible Cultural Heritage (ICH) fields, to participate in the contest of innovative creative tourism offers and cultural products.


Contest Title: “Creative Tourism and Innovative Heritage Products”


Aim of the Contest: 

The contest aims to stimulate development of the new innovative ideas of creative tourism and heritage-based cultural products. The winning concepts will be provided coaching and receive the necessary materials for piloting their ideas. As a result, creative tourism offers and heritage products will be developed. They will serve as a model for the further development of creative tourism and heritage products both for local and international actors and most importantly, will contribute to the development of the regions in partner countries:

  • Ukraine, territorial communities (hromadas) of Mykoliv oblast;
  • Georgia, communities of Kakheti region;
  • Bulgaria, communities of Dobrudgi region. 


Contest Process and Guidelines: 


  • Creative tourism offers may reflect a wide range of ICH fields, the offers such as masterclasses in crafts, gastronomy, folk dance or singing lessons; organization of local festivals, etc.
  • Heritage-based cultural products (goods) may represent crafts goods, traditional edible products, etc.
  • The participants must submit a completely filled-in application with all the necessary attachments until 5 p.m. (Kyiv time) 21.09.2021; 
  • 9 ideas (6 creative tourism offers and 3 cultural products) will be chosen to be realized and piloted for a wide audience;
  • The winning ideas will receive coaching (practical, theoretical and hands-on assistance) during the elaboration of the entire chain of the activities — from the idea to the final product. They will also receive material support in the form of tools and expendable materials, like raw materials that will be used during the piloting activities;
  • The support of each winning idea should not exceed 1,200.00 Euros (equivalent in local currency); 
  • The testing and piloting of the elaborated/final products will be conducted for free for the benefitting audience during info tours and other activities organized within the project. All expenditures related to these events including materials will be funded by the project;
  • Piloting should take place at the workshops, premises, and other locations ensured by the winners or their partners;
  • The exemplary copies of the cultural products and any equipment purchased will stay in the ownership of project for demonstration uses. The copyrights stay with the contest participant.
  • The finalized ideas should be sustained by the winning participants for 5 years after the project’s end date (December 2022).  

Contest Timeline: 

Deadline for submissions: 5 p.m. (Kyiv time) 21.09.2021.

Application forms are to be sent to fondnikol@gmail.com

Open online consultations for participants (upon request): 5 p.m. (Kyiv time) 17.09.2021

Selection of winning ideas: 30.09.2021

Development of creative tourism offers and cultural products: November 2021 – April 2022 

Presentation of 6 creative tourism offers at the Joint Seminar “Tangible and Intangible assets as a Source for the Development of Creative Tourism” in Ukraine: April 2022 

Showcasing of offers and products during Cross-border Info tours: March – April 2022 

Presentation and showcase of 3 cultural products at EthnoFest 2022: September 2022 



During 5 days after submitting your application form all participants should receive a confirmation letter. If you didn’t receive the confirmation letter, please contact us:  +38 (0512) 47-38-79, Viber +38 050 547 81 35.


Required documentation: 

  1. Filled-in Application Form, including:


  • General information about the participant;
  • Relevant experience of the participant in the field concerned (up to 300 words); 
  • Detailed description of the creative tourism offer/cultural product (up to 300 words); 
  • Quality / accessibility of the service (up to 150 words):
  • Transportation 
  • Accommodation and Food
  • Location – Pictures of the premises or location, where the creative tourism offer/product will be materialized
  • Security
  • Sustainability of the idea (during up to 5 years)
  • Explanation of the heritage the idea is based on (up to 150 words); 
  • Justification of why the idea is innovative, relevant and how it will serve the region/local community of the participant as a whole (up to 150 words);
  • Estimate (the amount of support from THC is not more than 1200 euros — the equivalent in UAH;)


  1. Detailed project estimate according to the form


During the selection process, additional documentation may be requested


*The acceptable expenses will be only those necessary for the piloting events, such as raw materials needed for masterclasses or for creation of exemplary cultural gifts; small tools; equipment (rent only); refreshments and other organization issues connected with the piloting events; promotional material of the region and particular heritage the ideas are based on, etc. 


Evaluation of participants:

The participants will be evaluated by an independent jury.


Selection criteria

# Criteria Points
1 Links to local traditions and sustainability (ecological safety) of recreation of those traditions* 0 – 20
2 Quality / accessibility of services 0 – 20
3 Capacity of the idea to contribute to the regional development.

Integration with other touristic goods and services

0 – 20
4 Implementation of the idea is realistic. Usage of innovative and unique technology during the implementation** 0 – 20
5 Capacity and experience of the applicant / consortium. Availability of a room or a place for testing and piloting of the product(-s)  0 – 20


Special conditions

* Final ideas must be supported by the winning participants for 5 years after the end date of the project (December 2022).

** Estimate should not exceed 1200.00 euros (equivalent in local currency)


For additional information, please contact: 

Marianna Kapustkina, 

Email: fondnikol@gmail.com 

Phone: +38 (0512) 47-38-79, 

Viber: +38 050 547 81 35


About the Project:

The contest is being conducted in the frame of the project “Tourism, Heritage and Creativity” (THC) – a joint endeavor of Georgian Arts and Culture Center (GACC), European Institute for Cultural Tourism EUREKA NPO, and Foundation for the Development of the City of Mykolaiv (FDN). It aims to bind the sectors of tourism and heritage for their mutual advantage. Overall, the objective is to advance businesses within these sectors by developing creative tourism and cultural products on the basis of local heritage assets. The project implementation period is between 26.09.2020 and 26.12.2022. THC is carried out with the support of the ENI CBC Black Sea Basin Programme 2014-2020 and funding from European Union. 


Good luck!