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Ресурсний центр ГУРТ
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Project “Progress of electronic management technology and electronic democracy in Nikolayev”

Project has been in realization since 22 December 2010 due to financial support from the international fund


“Renaissance” (Kiev, Ukraine). The deadline is 31 December 2011.

The Fund for Development of Nikolayev conducted monitoring of the contest for suppliers of housing and communal services. The level of openness and clearness of facilities brought by the administration of the town in the social sphere was analyzed. Rating of Ukrainian town administrations also took place.

While elaboration of monitoring results the problem was found- absence of a complex mechanism of development of social communications in formation and realization of the following points:

1. Legislative mechanism for rapid access of citizens to adequate and reliable information on the activities of local governments has not been developed on the local level.

2. Efficient information of the residents on the procedure of administrative services accordance in such spheres as social defence, housing and communal services, education, medicine, etc.

3. Mechanism of efficient representative of rights and interests of the town in formation realization of government policy on the local level does not work.

Goal of the project – creation and elaboration of a complex mechanism of development of social communications on the local level while forming and realization of development policy in the town though analyzing policy of town administration with the following task:

1. Efficient access by citizens to the trustworthy information on the activity of BLS and also efficient influence of public on formation and realization of its policy.

2. Efficiency of according administrative services to the BLS. Holding company for the adoption of the Comprehensive Program of the City Council «Electronic city of Nikolayev in 2010 — 2015» components of which will be a set of measures to take place in Nikolayev, e-governance and e-democracy at the local level.


1. Analysis of the policy of the Nikolayev Town Council. According to the research an analytical document «The level of social communication in forming and implementing urban development policies in Nikolayev» was published and distributed with recommendations.

2.According to the instructions of town mayor from 21 September 09 № 578 r «On establishment of the expert-public working group on development of design recommendations for accelerated implementation for e-government and e-democracy and the quality management system of administrative services in local government in Nikolayev according to international standard ISO 9001:2000 » an expert-working public team was created.

3. Conclusion of Nikolayev town administration from 21 April 2010 № 47/24 ratified the Program “Electronic management and democracy in the town of Nikolayev for 2010- 2015”.

4. About 300 000 of Nikolayev and other townsresidents were informed on the results of the project.

Measures and publications:

Town administration is preparing to the certification by ISO

“Work of the town administration will become more comprehensible and effective”

The project is in realization