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Ресурсний центр ГУРТ
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About the Found

Fund for Development of Nikolayev city was established by representatives of intelligentsia, local government and business


representatives in 1995. The first director of the Fund was Nikolayev major Aleksandr Berdnikov (1995-98).

The Fund has successful experience of the 12 grant competitions for public organizations and bodies of self-organization of the population. At the same time problems are solved not only with the city budget, but also through active involvement of Stefan Batoriy Foundation (Poland), NED (United States), “Renaissance” and other international donors.

Mission of the Fund: to improve standards of living, bring together public for development of Nikolayev, its emergence as an economic, political and cultural center of Prichernomorie.

Professional spheres of the Fund’s activity:

1. Resource support of civic initiatives to address priority issues on the basis of training, consulting and grant-making.

2. Representing the interests of civil society organizations (CSO) through development and implementation of territorial community mechanisms of citizen participation in decision-making by the government on local and regional levels.

3. Information, organizational and methodological support for enterprises of different ownership forms, local authorities and public authorities in their efforts to implement democratic and European standards of living.

Board Chairman Mikhail Evgenievich Zolotukhin

According to the strategic plan approved in June 2004, Nikolayev community organization “Fund for development of Nikolayev” (FDN) step by step comes closer to the standards of the International Partnership of Community Foundations  www.p-cf.org.

Work of the FDN is conducted in two main directions:

1. Transition to financing of civic initiatives from local sources (large, medium and small businesses, donations from individuals).

2. Information and methodological support of all forms of popular self-organization in addressing the pressing problems of their communities and the city as a whole.

Topics of programs and competitions by the FDN are determined annually based on the study of the needs of the city.

Fund for Development of Nikolayev is the leader of forming community foundations (community funds) in the Nikolayev county and in other towns of Ukraine. FDN gives priority to introduction of technologies of social stability through the mechanisms of cross-sector partnership in the interaction of civil society institutions, with local authority and businesses to solve problems in Nikolayev and Prichemnomorie.


  • consistent efforts to implement community foundations as a mechanism of social investment;
  • development of local philanthropy involving business  and citizens in the budget contests;
  • resource support of useful initiatives from citizens.