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Ресурсний центр ГУРТ
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Appeal chairman of the Fund for Development of Nikolayev city Mikhail Zolotukhin

Our Fond is a community organization that is not engaged in


any business or politics. We develop institutions of civil society helping people realize their useful initiatives that will help improve lives of local communities.

Maybe to someone it does not sound concrete, because words cannot be seen or held in your hands. But for many the results of our activities are more than touchable. Patients of Nikolayev Region Children’s Hospital look out of the windows at the picturesque courtyard, the walls painted with tale characters — and their mood improves.

Children of the distant neighborhood on Kazarskiy St. or the yard on Kober St. 7, ride in a very real roller coaster and swing. More than tangible are locker room and showers at the stadium in Snigirevka and children’s playgrounds in Nikolayev, Voznesensk, New Odessa, renovated courtyards and porches, thousands of planted trees and shrubs.
All this is the result of a specific material support of community initiatives. But there are also intangible results — protection of rights and lawful interests of citizens and local communities (this process is called advocacy), aid in development of non-governmental organizations in the conduct of youths leisure (after all, it is better for a guy to win in the yard championship in football ,rather than to go out on the streets in search of adventures).
All this and more was done on our initiative, our strength using social investments.
Business attracts investments in order to make profit. But social investments are completely different and they are invested with an entirely different purpose: to benefit society, get people to ensure that they learn to solve their problems — environmental, housing, social, and communicative.
Trust us, it is extremely difficult to attract social investments. There are so many programs that we would like to finance, but we do not have enough money. And the law does not allow us to make them ourselves for we are a non-profit organization.
Our entire budget is consists of money from foreign financial assistance of donors and local philanthropists. We are not given money for beautiful eyes, but because they know that we will spend them efficiently. We will report on every penny. We are public and transparent, and we are the subject of independent audit, we are easy to control.
Our Fund is truly unique in its own way. While some earn — we give away.
Our common future, future of Nikolayev community and other towns depends on you. The more resources we have the more society problems we can solve. If each of you donates to at least 10 UAH, we will have more money. And, therefore, more opportunities to fulfill our mission main goal of which is to make life better. To find out about donation
You are not only a potential donor, you are also a recipient of your own money. It will come back to you as playgrounds and sports grounds, cozy courtyards, repaired porches and new green spaces, improved quality of housing services. It will eventually turn around for you a new quality of life. The life we deserve — people of the XXI century.
Please, make a donation that you can turn to realization of our programsпрограмм.

Yours sincerely                            Mikhail Zolotuchin