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City officials in association with the development of the city of Nikolayev continues to work to bring quality management system in local government Nikolayev in line with international standard ISO 9001-2008 and the introduction of electronic control technology. We study the best practices of Ukrainian cities, involves experts. In March 2011 the Development Fund of the city of Nikolayev was supported by the International Renaissance Foundation was organized internship working group of representatives of the Vinnytsia city executive committee, and in late April, will examine the experience of Borispol and Slavutych. City Council recently attracted to the work of the Polish Tadeusz Sabika expert with extensive experience of practical work in preparation for ISO certification in the cities of Ukraine. Recently, he visited our city on an introductory visit.

It is this expert in 2006 helped lead Vinnitsa municipality management system in line with international standards ISO. Thereafter, in May 2007, Vinnitsa City Council poluchml certificate EN ISO 9001-2000. In practice, this has given local government an effective, clear and transparent system for the citizens of city management, reduce corruption risks, increases the level of satisfaction with the work of the citizens of city officials. That level of confidence in the authorities of the residents of cities where work is being implemented in accordance with the standards of ISO, has been growing steadily, evidenced by the fact that the mayor of Vinnitsa, Boryspil, river, Voznessensk passing this certification in the recent local elections were re- new term. Especially in this list is worth noting Vinnitsa. This regional center for five years, from an outsider has turned into a Ukrainian leader in the field of good governance, the experience of which look at many cities of Ukraine.

In March 2011 representatives of the working group reviewed three days of this experience. Then, in March, it was decided that it has signed a contract with an expert T. Subic to conduct an introductory auditing, diagnostics, existing management system in accordance with EN ISO 9001:2008 in the executive Nicholas City Council.

According to the contract advisory services include introductory auditing, reviewing existing procedures and regulations, the identification process in the executive branch of the City Council and assess the relevance of the control system. There will also be trained staff municipality under the program «Basics of control system ISO 9001:2008» and issued an order the mayor to establish a unit of city power network of internal auditors and the appointment authority in matters of quality management in the executive Nicholas City Council. It is planned that such authorized to be appointed First Deputy Mayor Yuri Andrienko.

Certification to ISO 9001:2008 is closely intertwined with the introduction of electronic documents as part of the city program of e-governance and e-democracy, adopted by the City Council last year. Importantly, the means to implement these initiatives, highlighted not only by the municipal budget, and donor organizations. For example, advisory services to bring the system of quality management in local government Nikolayev in line with international standard ISO 9001-2008 is only partially be funded from the public treasury, with the remaining funds will provide the Development Fund of the city of Nikolaev at the expense of foreign grants.

Press office of the Fund to Development of the Nikolayev city

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